Atlantis Tankers is a leading marine chemical and oil transportation company with a fleet of twelve vessels, transporting a wide variety of cargoes such as organic and non-organic chemicals, clean and dirty petroleum products, vegetable oils and lube oils in the Short Sea Shipping trade. The fleet consists of marine line and epoxy coated vessels ranging from 3,446 to 6,416 dwt, primarily designed for the transport of IMO II classified chemical cargoes.

The Group was formed in 2002 when Lorenz Weinstabl (German), Mehmet Aksoy (Turkish) and Kenneth Jan Madsen (Danish) founded Armona Denizcilik AS to act as main contractor for construction of new tankers.

Armona’s shipbuilding program started in 2002 with the construction of the first two 3500 dwt tankers, after which Mehmet Aksoy left the partnership to fully concentrate on the further development of his shipyard activities. In 2004 the construction of the third and fourth 3500 dwt tankers had begun. The purchase of a brand new vessel, a 3445 dwt, completed and converted to meet the standards set by the Group brought the fleet’s size to five.

In 2007 the constructions of four more vessels (the 6400 mts class) began, and the last one was finished in 2010.

After some years fighting the economic crisis, the freight market finally started to pick up again and Armona has started to build two further vessels in the 6400 mts class. Construction started mid 2015 and the vessels will be delivered in the beginning of 2017, which will increase the size of the fleet to ten vessels. Atlantis Tankers has also recently purchased two new vessels from the Restis Company of 5500 dwt, which will bring the fleet up to twelve. The vessels will be called Atlantis Arki and Atlantis Araceli, which will be delivered by the first quarter of the year.  Armona is also aiming to build two new vessels of 25000 mts class by 2018 and 2019.

When the new buildings were put to service, the commercial management of the fleet was carried out by Ibex. Initially, the Group’s technical management was outsourced to Fabricius in Denmark and later to V. Ships in Glasgow. However, it became clear that the most cost effective management could best be achieved under our own control. Therefore in 2009, together with the shipbuilding team, Armona Denizcilik A/S took over technical and crewing management of the fleet.

After four years of hard work to gain recognition by our customers as a Quality Operator, Armona was encouraged to undergo the next step and take on the Commercial Management of the Atlantis Tankers Fleet. Rapidly improving freight rates and the ability to make our own strategic decisions more than justified this move.